About the Program

    • Support if needed throughout the program
    • Large selection of jobs in 4 - 5 star hotel resorts, every two steps from the beach, in the most popular islands of Spain: Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca, Canary Islands and regions such as Almeria, Huelva, Andalusia, Malaga etc.
    • Assistance in preparing the necessary documents
    • Orientation session before departure
    • Age between 18-30 years
    • Knowledge of English at an intermediate level
    • EU Citizenship
    • Knowledge of another European language such as French, Spanish or Russian is a plus, but not mandatory
About W&T Spain

Work and Travel Spain is mainly dedicated to people who are looking for an adventure, people who want a specific experience in one of the unique locations in Spain.

Locations in Spain are renowned both for their unique beauty and nightlife, each region or island offering a different kind of experience, starting with culinary experiences, spoken dialects and tourist attractions specific to each region up to very diverse night life. All this turns Spain into a complex and highly sought-after location.

Work and Travel Spain

Usually the applicant who is interested in Spain is a person who wants a different experience in the most desirable tourist locations in the world. Whether we are talking about the nightlife, the beauty of the place or the warmth of the locals, Spain is definitely one of the most desirable Work and Travel destinations.

If you want to venture into this unique combination that Spain offers, to improve your knowledge of English and Spanish, to make friends with young people from all over Europe and beyond, to gain experience to participate in other Work and Travel such as USA, UK, Iceland, Work and Travel Spain is the best choice for you.


  • Mallorca (Insulele Baleare)
    Pozitii: Waiter/Bartender / Housekeeper / Kitchen Porter / Receptionist

    600€/month, Free meals and accommodation

  • Menorca (Insulele Baleare)
    Pozitii: Waiter / Bartender / Housekeeper / Kitchen Porter / Receptionist

    600€/month, Free meals and accommodation

  • Lanzarote (Insulele Canare)
    Pozitii: Waitress, Waiter / Animator / Kitchen Porter / Receptionist

    400€/month, Free meals and accommodation

  • Almeria
    Pozitii: Housekeeper

    600€/month, Free meals and accommodation

  • Malaga
    Pozitii: Waitress, Waiter / Maintenance / Reception / Kitchen Porter / Housekeeper

    600€/month, Free meals and accommodation

  • Ibiza (Insulele Baleare)
    Pozitii: Receptionist / Waiter/Waitress / Assistant hotel manager

    300€/month, Free meals and accommodation

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