Who are we?

A simple question with a complex answer. Opportunity, fun, adventure, experience, transparency, simplicity, security, freedom of choice, are just a few words that define USTravel.

From Europe to America to Asia, the opportunities USTravel has offered in its 15 years of operation have resulted in truly inspiring experiences that reflect the concept of work and travel.

Friendships all over the world, permanent resettlements or promotions are just some of the memorable stories we have been part of that define the question: Who are we?

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Our Vision

  • Our Vission

    We strongly believe that all young people should be given the opportunity to learn about a new culture, an experience that will help them better understand the places and people they visit.

    To live up to this vision and to facilitate access to new experiences, USTravel offers all students and young people the opportunity to participate in a work and travel program. Given the variety of programs we offer, we ensure that everyone can take part in such an experience

  • Recruiter Work and Travel – Currently no positions are available.